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About Peace Be Natural 

Peace be Natural, where you feel nourished and supported; where you reunite deeper connections to self, others, and the present moment with the nature; where you beat out stress and create with love; and through the magical art piece creation and focus in the chemistry reaction it is where your journey of well-being begins.

We integrate into an aesthetic lifestyle with the joy of creation for the natural and practical daily care.
Everyone can be an artist enjoying the beauty of handcrafting. We emphasise the original creation by our students and the importance of know-how in production so to explore your own uniqueness and style. Follow your own heart, not anyone's. 

Peace be Natural provides handcraft events and service with promotion of natural artisan as the key component of our work. As a team of professional and passionate craft-lovers, we offers support for team building, well-being events, charity / fund raising cooperation, educational sharing and simply a party for your beloved. We facilitate the connection and bonding for the communities.


How we started

After all the years of being a HR practitioner with a lot of paperwork and waste under fast-pace stress atmosphere, It was simply a place for eco-friendly soap learning and production as leisure and balance. Treasure the little things, it followed with encouraging feedback of the joy and pleasure found from the designed soap and practically soothing of skin problem. It is gifted to have ability to help the others. So after all housework done we are devoted to doing what we love still. Sometimes we struggled but motivated and then continued. With guilt spending less time with the girl, and one day, the kindergarten teacher told the mom "your girl's so proud to tell us in the class that her mom is making and teaching soap, and helped a lot of people with so much fun. Don't eat the soap, it will disappear after use". Thats what you know it is worth and you are doing right as the role model for the kids. And now we are a group of mom, family first still but love to share what we believe and love. 

The Founder

BIO of Samantha Chu


Master of iNLP & Certified Business Coach, Instructor Certifications of Handmade Soap & CLAB Candles in Hong Kong, Taiwan & Korea respectively

A Human Resources Practitioner, is concerned about the environmental pollution and the ocean sustainability. Believes in natural products for anti-allergy and anti-pollution. Handcrafted products training experience since 2016.


Our Courses and Workshops

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