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Floral Wax Tablets is made of 100% pure natural organic essential oils and dried flowers of various colors, without DEET, alcohol or any synthetic flavors

There are different flavors and effects to choose from:

Lavender rose geranium is placed in the bedroom to help sleep spirit

Lemongrass citronella tea tree helps repel mosquitoes and mites and soothes

Lime Peppermint Refreshing and refreshing, it can be placed in the bathroom or the trunk is very suitable

Sweet orange bergamot, pleasant fragrance, pregnant women or children can also use it


香室磚花環以100%純天然有機精油配各色乾花製作 ,不含DEET, 酒精或任何合成香精
薰衣草玫瑰天竺葵 放置於睡房內有助眠靈神
檸檬草香茅茶樹 有助驅蚊驅蟎舒緩
青檸胡椒薄荷 清新提神 可放置浴室或車箱間都非常適合
甜橙佛手柑 清香宜人 孕婦或小朋友亦可用


Weight: 40-45g each

Floral Wax Tablets 香薰花環擴香蠟片

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