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Crystal clear jewel soap is one of the most popular art products in recent years, each one is handmade and unique, the best choice for gifts


Amino acid soap is weakly acidic, with a pH value between 5.5-6.5, which is close to the pH value of our skin/hair, so it is milder, skin-friendly and non-irritating.

胺基酸皂為弱酸性,pH 值約在5.5-6.5 之間,和我們的皮膚/毛髮pH 值接近,因此較為溫和親膚、不刺激。

Beware that it is more soluble in water, that is, it is consumed faster than properly formulated cold process soap.

注意是 - 和配方設計適當的冷制皂相比,較易溶於水,也就是消耗得比較快。


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Store in ventilated, cool place. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If does, please rinse out immediately. If skin has allergic reactions, please stop usage. Do not eat. If the product is freshly made from natural materials, please keep the quality and use it up within half a year to nine months after production. Shake well before using liquid products. If there is stratification or a small amount of sediment, it is a normal phenomenon of natural products without additives.



Amino Acid Planet Soap (95g)

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