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Marigold has a significant improvement effect on various skin problems, and is often used to relieve eczema and sensitivity; sea buckthorn oil, tea tree, patchouli and lavender essential oils can promote the self-repair of skin cells, and shea butter can treat damaged skin , Dry skin brings excellent moisturizing effect. Marigold effectively relieves itching, redness and dryness, and repairs damaged skin. It is suitable for people suffering from eczema, housewife's hands, etc.; it is also suitable for sudden sensitivity/itching redness/dry peeling/mosquito bites/burns and knife wounds

金盞花對各種皮膚問題皆有顯著的改善功效,常被用作紓緩濕疹和敏感;沙棘油、茶樹、廣藿香和薰衣草精油則能促進皮膚細胞的自我修復,乳油木果脂為受損、乾燥皮膚帶來極佳的滋潤效果。金盞花紓緩膏有效減輕痕癢、紅腫和乾燥,修復破損皮膚,適合患濕疹、主婦手等人士使用;亦適用於突發敏感 / 痕癢紅腫 / 乾燥脫皮 / 蚊叮蟲咬 / 燙傷刀傷



Design for household cleansing, suitable for any materials.

Use: Applying to any material use. Rub with bubbles to put on surface. Rinse with water thoroughly.



This product does not contain pigments, preservatives, antibacterial agents, chemical fragrances, petrochemical surfactants, and does not increase the burden on the body, skin and nature.此產品不含色素、防腐劑、抗菌劑、化學香精、石化界面活性劑,不增加身體髮膚與大自然的負擔。



DONT EAT!! Rug it, Love it❣️

Save our Mr. Earth!🌍



Store in ventilated, cool place. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If does, please rinse out immediately. If skin has allergic reactions, please stop usage. Do not eat. If the product is freshly made from natural materials, please keep the quality and use it up within half a year to nine months after production. Shake well before using liquid products. If there is stratification or a small amount of sediment, it is a normal phenomenon of natural products without additives.


Marigold Soothing Soap 金盞花舒敏皂

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